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October 3, 2019
Iran favors setting up joint border industrial township with Afghanistan
Mashad, Oct 3, IRNA – Iran's Ambassador to Afghanistan Bahador Aminian said on Wednesday that establishment of a joint industrial township on Iran-Afghanistan border can pave the way for regional economic leap and create new opportunities for Iran's exports.
In a meeting with members of Mashad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture on Wednesday, he added that Iran is on track of major economic developments and private sector can serve as the starter of the developments.
"In economic interaction with neighboring states, we should not fall behind the foreign rivals," he said.
There are deeper bonds between Iran and Afghanistan thanks to their cultural, historic and lingual commonalities, he said, noting that striking a balance in trade is achievable with the proposals of the private sector.
In economic interaction with Afghanistan, the sectors of industries, mines and agriculture have received less attention and most of the measures are centered on the domain of commerce, he said.
This is while Afghanistan boasts of valuable mines and capacities in the agriculture sector, he said.
Despite border proximity and good interaction with Afghanistan, Indians and Chinese have a leading and effective role in the Afghan mines, he said.
Aminian called on the private sector and Chamber of Commerce to have more effective planning for future of the economic interaction.

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